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Government Rebate

ALL ABOUT The Government Solar Rebate

Feed-In Tariffs

The Governments Feed-In Tariff incentive enables you as a small-scale generator of renewable power to sell your power back to the grid.


  • Some Australian States are sunnier than others whilst some PV solar systems due to size simply produce more megawatts of renewable energy. To take these types of variations into account the government has created what are called Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)
  • These STCs are similar to shares - they are tradeable electronic commodities with a true market value.
  • The number of STCs you will receive on the installation of your TE Solar System will vary depending on the size of the system and your postcode.
  • Through the Solar Credits Scheme you will also receive 5 times extra RECs for the first 1.5kW of your Solar System, furthering your assistance with the upfront costs of your TE Solar System.

So in the terms of dollars what does this all mean?

  • By simply transferring your STC's, including the solar credits to us when you purchase your new TRIONE ENERGY Grid Connect PV Solar System you will drastically reduce the upfront costs on our already fantastically low prices!
  • The average discount depending on the size of your system and where you live is a whopping $2000 and more.

Get started on your TRIONE ENERGY PV Solar System! Contact our team of friendly experts for free, no-obligation advice today.