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Investment Returns

ALL ABOUT Our Premium Returns on Solar

TRIONE ENERGY High-efficiency Solar Systems can also provide outstanding financial returns up to and above $28000 over the life of your system! An impressive result compared to the $11800 return that would made if the up-front cost was instead invested with a 5% annual return.

The figures in this graph have been based on:

  • a 1.52 Kw PV Solar System
  • only 5 hours of peak sunlight daily,
  • only 5% annual electricity inflation rate
  • only 90% of the systems power rating
  • only 25year warranty period with the actual life expectance of your system to be much higher

So you can be sure that this is no exaggeration!

  • By simply transferring your REC's, including the solar credits to us when you purchase your new TRIONE ENERGY Grid Connect PV Solar System you will drastically reduce the upfront costs on our already fantastically low prices!
  • The average discount depending on the size of your system and where you live is a whopping $4500-$7500.

Get started on your TRIONE ENERGY PV Solar System! Contact our team of friendly experts for free, no-obligation advice today.