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All Atbout Our Residential Services
TE Quality
  • All TRIONE ENERGY (TE) products are manufactured within stringent engineering guidelines, ensuring each module meets certified Australian and International standards and are backed by a 25 year warranty.
  • Each grid connect PV Solar System is made from sturdy high quality materials to ensure premier quality with high area to power ratio, long lifespan and outstanding reliability.
TE Installation
  • Our professional CEC accredited electricians are trained specifically for grid connect PV Solar Systems ensuring our products will be correctly installed providing years of high yield trouble-free operation.
  • The maximum amount of solar power will be obtained by installing your solar panels in an area of minimal shade facing north with the glass face of the solar modules at 90 degrees to the sun.
  • Due to their lightweight and sturdy design the TE high performance solar modules are particularly suitable for grid connect PV Solar Systems where flexible mounting and high energy yields are required.
A Smart Investment

With a TRIONE ENERGY residential Solar Power System you can realise BIG SAVINGS by reducing your power bills instantly and possibly eliminate them while the Government Solar Rebates makes going solar surprisingly affordable. A TE Solar System will also increase your home’s value.

A properly designed and installed PV Solar System by TRIONE ENERGY can pay for itself in as little as 3 to 5 years. Contact Us and let one of our professional Solar Energy Consultants show you how today.