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ALL ABOUT Our Grid Connect PV Solar System

While there are numerous brands on the market, there are essentially just two types of technologies involved in making a solar panel for use in built up areas - monocrystalline, polycrystalline. A third type called thin film amorphous is rarely used except in areas of constantly high temperatures and vase available space.
How they stack up ?

When you choose TRIONE ENERGY (TE) high performance monocrystalline solar panel you will be choosing a grid connect PV Solar System with
  • An Efficiency Rating of 17.5% which is among the highest in the market!
  • Minimum lifespan of twenty-five years and can be more than fifty.
  • A 25 year warranty meaning that they will still be producing at least 80% of their output after that time.
  • Reliable power output during true annual weather conditions.
  • Valuable space efficiency as fewer of our high power to size solar panels are requiring for each system.
Monocrystalline Panels Polycrystalline Panels
Power to size ratio 160 Watts/m2 120-130 Watts/ m2
Efficiency Rating 17% 12-13%
Excellent life span / longevity 25years + 25years
Installation Area required Small Small-medium
System Cost Same or marginally more than polycrystaline Same or marginally less than monocrystalinev
Power Reducing at 50+C 12-15% 14-23%
Performance in Cooler Areas Outstanding Acceptable

Grid Connected Solar System.
How do they Work ?

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