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ALL ABOUT TRIONE ENERGYyour solar power experts TRIONE ENERGY (TE) is a 100% Australian owned company focused on delivering renewable energy products to Australians across the nation. Our commitment is to deliver a premium level of service and support and to provide premium solar power products that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Our 100% Guarantee is that every system will:

  • Reduce and possibly eliminate your power bills instantly.Our solar panels have a higher than average efficiency rating producing 25-30% more electricity than numerous other brands.
  • Allow you to sell excess solar powergenerated by your system for a healthy profit.
  • Receive generousGovernment Solar Rebates today of up to$7500*, these rebates are set to reduce annually from 2010.
  • Reduce your home’s or business carbon footprintas a net energy producer
  • Be of premium qualitywith high area to power ratio, long lifespan and outstanding reliability meeting certified Australian and International standards.
  • Be installed by CEC accredited electricians and covered by a 25 years warranty.