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How To Choose From Solar Companies In Melbourne

The benefits of using a solar system in commercial applications are numerous. Whether it’s a small retail store or a large manufacturing facility, having a solar system is a winner!

When it comes to commercial solar companies Melbourne business owners have dozens of options to choose from. Many offer similar services with different price points. Making the right choice can be a daunting experience!

How do you know which is the best commercial solar power supplier? How do you know they will deliver a quality installation on time and within budget? And one that reduces your energy costs!

Commercial Solar Companies Melbourne -Key Things to Consider

When selecting a solar PV installation provider, research is key. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) in Australia suggests using only Approved Solar Retailers who follow the Code of Conduct. This means that the solar company employs a team of system designers and solar installers who are CEC accredited.

You should also compare prices to install solar power by asking for multiple quotes. Also, read customer reviews before selecting a solar provider to do any work.

Approved Solar Retailers

What is an Approved Solar Retailer? These are solar companies that employ solar experts that have received the appropriate credentials to sell and service solar power systems.

Approved Solar Retailers are members of a program directed by the Australian Clean Energy Council. Members of the program must comply with fair and transparent sales and marketing methods regarding solar system costs and other aspects.

The program aims to establish a higher standard for solar companies to follow than the basic requirement of government standards in Australia.

An approved solar energy retailer must comply with the program’s Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with the code may lead to disciplinary action from the council.

Accredited Solar Installers

Any non-accredited commercial solar installation teams in Melbourne should be avoided.

The CEC only accredits companies or individuals who have undergone recognised training in solar technology. They can then be approved for the installation work of commercial solar systems.

Certified commercial solar installers work according to current industry best practices, so you get a safe, reliable solar power system that meets your expectations.

What Should You Consider?

Get detailed documentation for any quote to install a solar system. Any quote you receive should include details of the commercial solar PV system proposed.

Plus, the estimated electricity output, warranty coverage, and a detailed list of solar products and system components. For example, the solar panels, size of the inverter, apps to monitor electricity production/consumption, battery state, etc.


It’s important to take the time to understand the warranty agreement thoroughly. Manufacturers each offer their own warranties.

Plus, an Approved Solar Retailer should offer extra warranty coverage for the entire commercial solar installation. This should cover the quality of their workmanship and installation process, and the system operation and performance.

Avoid Any High-Pressure Approach

To feel comfortable choosing a commercial solar energy provider, ensure you are happy with the solar solution they propose. Has the solar provider answered all your questions about the installation process, energy cost savings, and after-sales support provided?

Before you install solar panels in your business, make sure that you understand the costs, installation process, and estimated savings on your electricity bill.

Are you clear about aspects of grid connection and metering?


Try to look for reviews online. Even though some may not be genuine, it’s important to do your own research. You must be aware of what other customers are saying about a specific solar system provider.

Trione Energy has hundreds of 5-star reviews, an excellent level of service, and high-quality solar panels. We supply a range of solar solutions for local businesses of all sizes.

How Long Has The Business Been Operating?

A solar business that’s only been around for a few years is unlikely to have vast experience in installing commercial solar solutions for businesses.

Trione Energy has been in business for over 12 years, proving that it is a reliable commercial solar system provider. It has a reputation for excellent customer service.

Finally, find a reputable solar installer who can answer all your questions and design a solar solution that meets the exact needs of your business. Also, always make sure they are an accredited installers by the CEC.

Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for any solar rebate in Victoria. Double-check that the cost and financing fit your budget.

When you are satisfied -you can look forward to enjoying the significant benefits of using solar power for many years in your business!