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Melbourne Home Owners – Everything You Need To Know About Solar Installations

Harnessing the all-natural power of the sun is a concept that has been around since the earliest days of man.

Turning that power into usable electricity for our homes is something that is easier and more valuable than ever.

With dozens to hundreds of solar brands, services, and products out there, how do we decide on what is the “best” solar option for us? The most convenient way is by selecting a solar installation provider that offers a package most suited for you!

Here are a few things to understand and look for when deciding on a company that can do solar installations in Melbourne:

Do they offer a solar rebate?

If you’re a savvy shopper looking for the best prices, the first thing you should check for is whether the solar installation provider is approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

To speed up the adoption of domestic solar electricity, the Victorian government is offering a rebate of up to $1400 for solar panel (PV) installations plus the option of an interest-free loan.

The rebate and loan can only be applied for if you get your PV installed by an approved installer like Trione Energy.

Don’t miss out on an easy money-save by skimping on certifications!

Do they have reviews?

When it comes to a long-term, valuable, cost-saving product, you want only the best, and one of the easiest ways to know you are getting it is by checking a company’s testimonials on their website, Facebook, and Google reviews.

While it’s easy to glance through recent ratings, it may be worthwhile to investigate older reviews: Solar installations are a long-term investment, so the quality of the installation and the aftersales service are both of equal importance.

You want to make sure that the installers:

  • Provide the most suitable solar solution for your home and budget
  • Can do their job perfectly the first time around
  • Have excellent, friendly service for pain-free maintenance and servicing

To give you an idea of what’s a good rating, Trione Energy is rated 4.6 stars on Google with over 200 reviews. You want to go with a company that has a reliable history of meeting the demands and expectations of its customers. 

Do they service your area?

Getting an installer that services your area is a crucial step that many shoppers miss. What’s the point of a cheap installer if they take a long time to get to you or will charge you so much for transportation?

Trione Energy services the whole of Metropolitan Victoria, with a team of highly qualified tradesmen across Melbourne.

That means fast, easy access for any solar installation needs around your area, anytime!

Do they offer solar panels, batteries, and inverters from leading brands?

The final thing we think you should pay attention to is in the installer’s product offerings.

Going back to the idea that solar installation is a long-term investment, it only makes sense to source from brands known for value, effectiveness, and durability.

Brands like CandianSolar, Tesla, GoodWe, Sungrow, and many others fit the bill, making PV an extremely safe investment for Melbourne homeowners.

An installer that has these brands on inventory can mix and match the most appropriate products to offer maximum value.

Companies like ours offer packages based on total kW generated – within each power generation level, we can then customize what parts are used to fit your preferred budget.

So, we hope you now understand what to look for in a solar installer. Get someone CEC-approved to qualify for rebates, make sure they are reputable and can service your area, and check what brand of equipment they offer.

Solar energy is an amazing investment that will keep giving back for many years. If you would like to explore some options, why not give the friendly representatives at Trione Energy a call at (03) 8595 9860?