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What Is The Top Solar System Size for Melbourne Homeowners?

Solar panels cost less than ever now! A solar installation benefits from an ideal renewable energy source. Thinking about installing a solar energy system? Do you know how much electricity you could save with your own solar panels installed? Not sure how many solar panels or what size systems to get installed in your home?

Solar Power Trends in Melbourne

According to Solar Victoria, the data for the past two months shows the average size of rooftop solar power systems in Melbourne is 7 kW.

That’s a 23% increase on the average size of 5.7kW back in 2018 when the scheme began.

Savvy homeowners are now installing solar panels on their roof space with higher power output.

Trione 6.6kW & 10Kw Solar Power Systems

We know that our 6.6kW system can generate electricity for most homeowners’ needs and reduce electricity bills significantly. It handles typical residential energy usage from air conditioning systems to hot water heating in Melbourne.

6.6kW vs 10kW Solar Systems

6.6kW solar system

A 6.6 kW system is adequate for most Melbourne residents with light energy consumption.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • How much solar-generated electricity per year? Expect around 10,585 kWh (29 kWh daily)
  • Estimated annual savings of $1,600-$2,000*

A 6.6kW solar power system generates a decent amount of free electricity for homeowners. But based on our customer database, we see an increase in the number of people choosing 10 kW solar PV systems that produce more energy and more savings! You can also upgrade your existing system to include more solar panel capacity if you already have a solar system installed but it’s not delivering enough energy output for your household. 

10kW solar system

  • How much solar energy can you get from a 10kW solar power system? With a Trione 10kW solar PV system, expect to generate an average of 17,155 kWh per year (47 kWh daily).
  • How much can you save on your electricity bill? We estimate around $2,500-$3,100* per year!

*The energy generated will vary depending on the size and type of solar energy installation and your location.

What about any excess electricity generated?

You have two options: sell surplus electricity or use battery storage until you need it for self-consumption.

Sell surplus electricity with the Feed-in Tariff (FiT)

Are you generating surplus electricity? You can sell it to your energy retailer through a Smart Meter. The government in Victoria imposes minimum Feed-in Tariffs (Fits) on electricity retailers annually through its Essential Service Commission.

Ask your electricity retailer if their maximum limit is based on solar inverter capacity or also battery inverter capacity?

Battery systems

Solar batteries offer flexibility and are in demand nowadays. A well-designed battery system helps reduce energy bills even further. Plus, you can add energy storage to an existing solar panel system.

Can I still get a solar rebate?

Yes, you can still apply. Check out our Solar Rebates page.

How long do solar panels last?

The manufacturer’s warranty on solar photovoltaic panels is generally 15-20 years, although many systems are still running strong 20+ years later! Expect a 5-10 year warranty on solar inverters.

Which are the Top 10 Melbourne Suburbs for Rooftop Solar Panel Systems?

1. Tarneit
2. Craigieburn
3. Clyde North
4. Point Cook
5. Truganina
6. Hoppers Crossing
7. Cranbourne
8. Warragul
9. Lyndhurst
10. Lynbrook

Do you live in any of these places? Would you like to save money with solar electricity?

Find out how Trione Energy can help you! We are the solar experts in Melbourne and a Clean Energy Council approved solar installer!

Solar Electricity – The Future Is Here In 2022

Solar energy is a great way to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and lower your carbon footprint.

Not only that, when you install solar panels, you can also save money on energy bills and earn money from exporting excess energy to the electricity grid.

Trione Energy supplies world-class solar products and solar system installation services. Let us show you how to save money with solar-generated electricity and become energy independent!