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Now is the best time to install solar. It’s easier and cheaper than ever! 

For a limited time, switch to solar for just $0 down and save up to $3,216 off selected systems.

With incentives ending soon, our all-time low pricing, and attractive payment plans available, going solar right now is a total no-brainer.

Trione Energy is one of the highest-rated solar system retailer and installation companies in Melbourne, for over 10 years.

Let us help you slash your power bills from day one – completely hassle free, we’ll take care of everything. From system design and rebates to installation and support.

TRIONE ENERGY is a 100% Australian owned Clean Energy Council accredited company. We’ve been installing solar panels and systems and suppling solar products to Melbourne households since 2009.

For a high-quality solar panel system at an affordable price, look no further.

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Trione Energy recently installed a 10kWh solar system at my home. From my initial contact with Pranav Shah at Trione, the company was helpful, supportive and above all highly competent. Pranav’s guidance in relation to solar subsidies and associated applications is much appreciated and made the process as simple as possible. I recommend Trione without hesitation.

Wes - Altona North
Really Smooth..

There is no doubt, Trione is the best place to go anyone who wants to get solar panels. They did an amazing job. Also my entire process was really smooth and it was handled by Shaik. He is very kind and really know how to look after the customer. Thank you so much for the amazing work!

Devinda - Sunbury
..should TriOnce

Excellent Service, Highly recommend.I had them installed my first solar system in 2010 on my house and then in 2015 on my another house and recently on my 3rd property. Love their service, very professional, they have lasted more than a decade, which is evident they are doing excellent Job…They are simple and straight forward, should TriOnce.

Ali - North Melbourne

Our Solar Products

We Supply Premium
Branded Solar Products

Solar Panels

Premium Solar Panels
Engineered For Performance

Experience the pinnacle in solar panel technology from industry leaders like REC, Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar and REC. Our selection of premium solar panels are engineered to deliver maximum efficiency and durability, insuring long-term energy and money savings for decades to come.

  • Cutting-Edge Efficiency – Innovations like REC’s TwinPeak 2 cells optimise energy harvest.
  • Proven Durability – Rigorous stress testing ensures resilient, long-lasting performance.
  • Weather-Tough Construction – Anti-PID technology prevents power loss even after years of harsh weather.
  • Award-Winning Aesthetics – With stunning looks from our tier 1 solar panels, your curb appeal, energy savings and property value will all benefit. 

With our solar panels you get the ultimate in solar engineering, using the most advanced technology designed form maximum efficiency.

Contact us to learn more and start saving sooner.

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N-type TOPCon
Solar Panels

Tiger Neo
Solar Panels

Vertex S+
Solar Panels

Alpha PURE-R Series
Solar Panels

Solar Inverters

Premium Inverters
Quality & Reliability

We provide solar inverters from leading brands like Sungrow, Delta, ABB, SMA, Fronius, Enphase and SolarEdge.

Each inverter is engineered for:

  • 98%+ Efficiency – Innovative MPPT technology squeezes every last drop of solar power.
  • Bulletproof Safety – Multi-layer protection prevents shutdowns during outages and faults.
  • Smart Monitoring – User-friendly insights into solar production and performance.
  • Built to Last – Rigorously tested to deliver 15-25 years of reliable service.
  • Sleek Design – Low-profile models blend beautifully into any setting.

As an authorised dealer for all major brands, Trione Energy can help you select the right model for your system’s performance needs and budget.

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DNS Series
Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

PRIMO & Symo
Solar Inverter

Home Genesis
Solar Inverter

Solar Batteries

Next-Generation Energy

Say goodbye to solar energy waste and unlock the full potential of your solar panels – day and night.

We supply only reputable batteries with:

  • Cutting-Edge Lithium Technology – Branded cells from Tesla, LG for performance.
  • Tested Reliability – Robust designs withstand 5,000+ cycles.
  • Smart Software – Adjusts based on solar/usage patterns.
  • Safety First – Multi-layer monitoring prevents overheating and faults.
  • Scalable Capacity – From 5kWh entry-level to 20kWh whole-home backup.
  • Long Lifespan – 10-15 year warranties for peace of mind.
  • Hands-free Operation – Fully automated for simple, maintenance-free function.

Gain energy independence with reliable, time-tested solar storage. Let us provide the ideal backup power solution for your home.

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Eeco 8.0
Solar Battery

Solar Battery

High Voltage LFP Battery
Solar Battery

MS G3 Series
Solar Battery

Who Is Trione Energy ?

We're Melbourne's
#1 Solar System Installer
Scince 2009

Established Solar Experts
Trione Energy is a reliable and highly experienced solar company based in Melbourne, Victoria with 10 years’ experience in renewable energy products.

Ethical Business Practices
The Trione Energy team promotes the highest level of integrity to ensure public trust. We continually strive for excellence in technical knowledge and customer service.

Premium Solar Products
We are committed to delivering a premium level of service and solar power products that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Superior Support
Trione Energy offers the highest level of professional services; both before & after sales. Meet our friendly and experienced Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

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Don't Miss Out on Huge Savings!

For a limited time, get a complete solar system fully installed by Trione Energy and save thousands. This is your chance to save now and lock in major energy savings for years to come. Compare our solar package prices for Melbourne homes below.

Limited Time
Special Offer



  • Pay only $2,187 (after rebates)
  • limited time offer.

upfront cost $2,187

Limited Time
Special Offer



  • Pay only $4,890 (after rebates)
  • Limited time offer.

upfront cost $4,890

Limited Time
Special Offer



  • Pay only $5,790 (after rebates)
  • Limited time offer. 

upfront cost $5,790

Top Tier Panels & Inverter

10KW Solar Power System
Fully Installed

Just $64 per fortnight

Based on limited special offer at $4,890 (after rebates).
Repayments of $64 per fortnight over 48 months.

SAVE $$$ FROM DAY ONE!  With incentives ending soon, our all-time low pricing, and attractive payment plans available, going solar right now is a total no-brainer.Slash your power bills from day one – completely hassle free, we’ll take care of everything.

* Eligible one-storey homes only, special price after: The Victorian Govt rebate of $1,400 & $1,400 Interest-free loan for 48 Months.


Questions & Answers

Simply put, our custom-designed systems, high-quality equipment, and exceptional service offer homeowners the complete solar solution.

We tailor each system to maximise energy production for your unique home. Top-tier panels and components ensure reliable performance for decades. Our experienced team handles the whole process seamlessly so you can enjoy the benefits of solar with zero hassle.

Yes, we offer flexible financing solutions, including $0 down solar loans.
Our finance options allows you to make affordable monthly payments over 4 years at a competitive interest rate.

This allows you to start benefiting from lower electricity bills while paying 0% upfront.

Contact our solar experts to learn more.

Great question! As a Solar Victoria authorised retailer, Trione Energy can guide you through the entire process.

First, you’ll want to check your eligibility. The rebate and loan are available for owner-occupied properties in Victoria valued under $3 million. Your annual household income also needs to be under $180,000.

Next, submit a joint online application for the rebate and loan through the Solar Victoria portal. Trione will be automatically notified and can assist if needed. If approved, Solar Victoria will pay the rebate and loan amounts directly to Trione Energy once your system is installed and operational. This covers most upfront costs.

You’ll then make affordable monthly repayments on the interest-free loan over 4 years to pay off the remainder. Trione will set up direct debit for easy payments.

Solar Victoria handles all the financial details – you just provide your information when applying. There’s no credit checks or collateral required.

That’s the gist of it! With Trione guiding you, the rebate and loan make going solar a breeze. Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re happy to help you go solar the smart way! 

Getting Solar Victoria’s 4-year interest-free battery loan is pretty easy!

First, double check your home and household meet the eligibility criteria – owner-occupied property valued under $3 mil, existing solar over 5kW, household income under $180k. Next, get quotes from our authorised retailers for a battery at least 6kWh – we can install quality Tesla or Alpha ESS batteries.

When you’ve picked the right battery, the retailer submits the quote and you complete an initial eligibility check online with Solar Victoria.

If approved, you’ll fill out a full application with income documents so Solar Victoria can do final assessment.Once fully approved, we’ll install your battery and scan the QR code to confirm completion. You pay us your portion of the upfront cost, and the interest-free loan covers the rest directly, up to $8,800.

Loan repayments start being directly debited each month, 30 days after installation approval. There’s no interest charged!

Let us know if you’ve got any other questions about getting Solar Victoria’s battery loan. Our team is happy to help explain the process.

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With our discounted solar specials and available incentives, you’re guaranteed to start saving from day one. Save big when you switch to solar right now. Take advantage of our limited-time solar deals and government incentives.

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