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Homeowners Switch To Solar In Victoria Amid Energy Cost Hike

Victorian families are struggling under the weight of skyrocketing electricity and gas bills, with some dual fuel households now paying over $4,400 per year, according to a recent study by St Vincent de Paul Society. That’s an eye-watering increase of $800 compared to last year.

Installing solar panels can provide significant savings to offset these rising costs. However, not all parts of Melbourne will benefit equally when it comes to the return on investment for solar power. Depending on your location’s electricity rates, sunlight exposure and other factors, solar systems in certain suburbs and regions can pay themselves off faster than others.

So, what are the top areas around Melbourne to get the biggest bang for your solar buck? Whether you live in the western suburbs, inner city or regional Victoria, let’s uncover where solar power can trim the most off your next crushing energy bill.

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Victoria’s Rising Electricity Costs

Electricity and gas rates in Victoria are rapidly rising. On average, households across the state have seen annual price increases of over 25% year-over-year, according to researchers and government bodies such as the Victorian Essential Services Commission.

Certain geographical areas are particularly hard hit by these utility bill spikes. The towns of Kilmore, Seymour and Nagambie in the north of the state are seeing huge jumps. Those on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne have also been crushed under swelling rates.

Dual-fuel households that use both gas and electricity are especially feeling the pinch. Recent findings show some unlucky Victorian families now paying combined energy bills far exceeding $4,400 per year.

For many, one way to ease this hip pocket pain is by installing solar panels with backup batteries. Even a relatively small 3 kW solar system can save owners $750 to $1,000 off their energy costs annually. With the average solar installation closer to 9 kW nowadays, many households could offset even higher amounts from their inflated utility bills with solar power generation and storage.

Get the Biggest Bang from Your Solar Buck

For Victorian households feeling the sting of runaway electricity bills, installing solar panels can provide major savings. However, certain suburbs and country areas are primed for bigger solar benefits.

The western Melbourne suburbs in the Powercor network enjoy strong solar rebates offsetting some of the state’s steepest utility rate hikes, while inner city homes under providers like Jemena also see nice returns.

But regional solar owners take the cake, with annual savings from $875 to $1,000 higher, thanks to added sunlight and solar incentives. Towns like Seymour, Wangaratta and across Gippsland make great candidates if seeking rapid ROI.

No matter your location, dialling in proper solar panel sizing and shopping electricity rates maximises the offset. And capturing the most sun exposure possible gives your system the best opportunity to shrink those nightmare utility bills.

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