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Unlock a World of Possibilities with Solar Battery Storage

Are you looking for a smarter way to use your solar energy? Trione Energy’s solar battery storage solutions are the perfect way to reduce electricity bills and unlock a world of possibilities.

We are fully accredited installers and can get your solar battery storage system up and running in no time. Our solar storage solutions help you get the most from your solar energy and reduce your electricity bills.

Solar Battery brands we sell

Explore our extensive range of PV modules that are easy to install and maintain. To receive a customised PV array solution, specially designed to meet your needs, talk to us today.

The Tesla Powerwall is an AC solar home battery that is also capable of light commercial use. This battery is designed to store energy from solar or the grid, so you can use it anytime you want, even at night or during a power outage.

If you are in the market for a home battery and are tempted to buy a Powerwall, then I urge you to also consider the new range of LG Chem batteries.
The sonnenBatterie is a high-tech storage system that has proven itself in thousands of households – every day.
Enphases high-performance energy storage solution brings you more intelligence and better value than anything else, with the industry’s lowest cost of entry and best lifetime value.

At Trione, we stock the QCells HOME CORE H5 solar battery. This product is designed to store the energy produced by your solar system. With a 15-year warranty, this reliable, long-lasting solar storage option is excellent for those looking to make the most out of their solar system.

Enquire today to hear back from one of our experts on how you can get the most out of solar energy.

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    Take Control of Your Energy with Trione

    Trione Energy’s solar battery storage solutions help you take control of your energy consumption. Choose when and how you use your energy with energy storage solutions that allow you to store energy during the day and use it in the evening or on weekends. Save on your electricity bills and get more control over the energy you consume.

    Smart Technology with Trione Energy

    Our solutions incorporate smart technology. Our solar battery storage systems are intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to monitor your energy usage and manage your system from anywhere. Plus, our solar battery storage systems are designed with safety in mind, giving you the peace of mind that your system is always working correctly.

    The Benefits of a High-Quality Solar Battery

    A solar battery is a key part of a solar system, as it can allow you to store energy for use when the sun doesn’t shine.


    • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint: Solar batteries are an environmentally-friendly way to store energy, as they help you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.
    • Access energy when you need it: With a solar battery, you can store energy and access it when there is no sunshine, giving you greater flexibility with your energy usage.
    • Protect yourself from power outages and price hikes with a reliable backup power supply: Solar batteries can help maintain a consistent energy supply when the grid is down or act as a cheaper alternative when electricity prices are high.
    • Save money on your electric bill by generating your own power: Solar batteries allow you to store energy during the day and use it when electricity prices are highest. This choice helps you to save money on your electric bills.

    Solar Battery Faqs

    The Solar Homes Rebate is a Victorian Government initiative designed to make solar power more affordable and accessible. To be eligible for the rebate, you must meet specific criteria and apply. If approved, you’ll receive a rebate of up to $2,225 for a standard 5kW solar system.

    Solar batteries store energy during the day when the sun is shining and use it when electricity prices are highest. A solar battery takes the electricity generated by solar panels and stores it. The solar battery then releases the energy when needed. Having energy stored helps you to reduce your electricity bill by making the most of the free energy from your solar panels.

    Clean Energy Council-accredited installers are eligible to apply for the rebate. When you choose a Clean Energy Council-accredited installer, you know they have been independently assessed to meet strict standards in quality, safety and technical competence. The installer will be able to help you decide the best type of battery storage system for your property, ensure it is installed to the highest quality and register your solar battery system with the relevant authorities.

    Solar batteries must be listed on the Approved Products List to receive the Solar Victoria incentive. They must have a minimum whole-of-system warranty period of five years, including a warranty covering quality and performance lasting seven years under daily-cycling operation.
    The product manufacturer, supplier, retailer or installer must also offer an end-of-life management program certified by accredited service providers that meet the AS/NZS 5377: 2013 standards.

    The amount of the solar homes rebate varies depending on how many kW of battery storage you purchase, up to a maximum of $2,950. You may also be eligible for additional government incentives, such as the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program and/or the Solar Victoria Rebate. Find out exactly how much you could be eligible for by speaking to an accredited solar installer who can advise you of all the available government incentives. They can also help you to select the best solar battery system for your home and assist with registration.

    Solar batteries provide a great way to store energy generated by your solar system, allowing you to use the sun’s power even when it’s not shining. This can help you reduce your energy bills, and eliminate your reliance on the grid for power. Solar batteries also provide a backup power source during blackouts and can help reduce your carbon footprint. They are also eligible for various government incentives, making them an even more attractive choice for homeowners.

    When choosing a solar battery system, there are several factors to consider. First, you want to make sure the battery system is compatible with your existing solar panels and inverter. You should also consider the size and capacity of the battery, as this will determine how much energy it can store and for how long. Lastly, consider your budget and the warranties available for any solar batteries you might consider buying. These factors will help ensure you make an informed decision when selecting your solar battery system.