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Solar Victoria Small Business
Solar Rebate Program

Solar rebates of up to $3,500 for Australian Small Businesses.

Are you a small business owner in Victoria? Solar Victoria is rolling out a new initiative, the Solar Victoria Small Business Program. The plan aims to support small businesses in Victoria in adopting solar energy.

The successful Solar Homes initiative encouraged homeowners to install domestic solar energy systems. Through the Solar Victoria Small Business Program, the Victorian Government supports local small businesses by offering incentives such as rebates and loans.

The program will help small business owners in Victoria to reduce their electricity bills and create employment. The Solar Victoria Small Business Program is part of the government’s overall strategy to transition to renewable energy.

Currently, Solar Victoria, Business Victoria, and other industry stakeholders are developing the roll-out of the scheme. You can find out more here. More details about the Solar Victoria Small Business Program will be released soon.

How will Solar Victoria support small businesses?

The program will offer 15,000 solar rebates for small businesses in Victoria from 2021-2023.

How can I apply for the Solar Victoria Small Business rebate?

The Small Business Program aims to help small businesses install solar energy systems.

To find out how you can apply, contact us. More details will be available soon.

Is my small business eligible?

All small businesses that employ more than one person (not including the person who owns the business) and has less than 20 employees will be eligible for the rebate, this include not-for-profits.

More Information On Eligibility Here

What is the value of the small business solar rebate?

If your business is eligible, you can receive a discount of up to 50% on the cost of installing a solar energy system. The exact value of the rebate depends on the location and size of the solar energy system you install.

What are STCs?

Small businesses in Victoria that install a solar energy system benefit from Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STCs). These equate to a discount on the cost of installing a solar energy system in your small business. STCs are created for solar energy systems with a capacity of less than 100 kW.

For example, a 99 kW solar energy system would create STCs with a value of between $60,000 and $70,000.
Each STC is equal to the value of 1 Megawatt hour (MWh) of solar energy.

Electricity retailers buy the STCs as part of Australia’s national Renewable Energy Target.The exact value of an STC will vary based on market demand. The average value at the moment is around $37, down slightly from the high of $39 last year.

How your small business can benefit

When you install a solar energy system for your small business, it is a smart investment. Your small business can save money on expensive electricity bills.

Installing a small business solar energy system has never been easier or cheaper than now. And being energy independent means that your small business has protection against future rises in energy prices.

Give your small business a competitive edge

Clean, renewable energy isn’t just about preserving the environment. Having a solar energy system for your small business also offers other benefits:

  • Lower electricity bills for decades to come
  • Instant ROI on the system
  • Future-proofing against rising energy costs
  • Cheaper monthly overhead expenses
  • Leverage ‘going green’ with customers
  • Grow your business by reinvesting energy bill savings

Modern commercial solar energy systems are reliable and operate for decades. So your small business can benefit from clean, renewable energy for many years in the future.

How Trione Energy can help your small business

We can help your small business go green and save money on expensive energy bills. Our CEC-approved solar energy systems for small businesses are customisable to the energy needs of your small business.

Trione Energy can design the perfect solar PV system for your small business. We install high-efficiency, top-brand solar PV products to help small business owners in Australia. Learn how you can reap the many benefits of reduced energy bills, low running costs, and quicker ROI.

With real-time system monitoring, you always know how much you are saving with your small business solar energy system.

Are you ready to become energy independent?

Do you want to cut your operating expenses and grow a more sustainable business? Make the smart decision to invest in a commercial solar energy system for your business.

Would you like to protect your business against rising electricity costs? With a solar energy system, you can enjoy free electricity!
Find out how your small business can save money