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Do I Need a 5kW or 6kW Solar System Trione Energy

What Size Solar Power System Do I Need?

As solar power systems are continually improving, the systems that were around 20 or so years ago are significantly different to the ones that are available now. Not only do they look sleeker and more streamlined, they are lighter, cheaper to produce and their performance has improved which means that you can maximise your energy savings by having the latest solar technology installed in your home.

There are several factors that would dictate the size of the solar power system you would need to install for your home, including:

  • How big your house is
  • How much power you use and at what times of the day
  • How much you want to save on your power bills
  • Which state you live in
  • How many solar panels could reasonably fit on your roof
  • How much sun your home gets
  • Whether you have a residential or commercial building
  • What restrictions your local electricity network imposes on buying back energy

I Have A Large House. Do I Need a 5kW or 6kW Solar System?

A year or two ago, the best solar power system on the market was a 5kw system, which was totally sufficient for supplying power to your medium to large size residential home. And to a certain extent, this is still sufficient.

However, it’s now 2019 and 6kW solar systems (and higher) are becoming the industry standard. So rather than installing a soon-to-be superseded model, it’s best to install the most current version, as you generally would when considering which mobile phone to purchase. But at least with this decision, you get a 25-year warranty when purchasing solar panels and you don’t have to constantly update the iOS every few months to keep it running at its optimum!

At Trione Energy, we can complete an energy audit on your property to find out the exact size of solar energy system that would be right for you. If you have a smaller sized property, you may be able to get away with a smaller system, so get in touch with us and we can recommend the right size system depending on your exact circumstances.

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How Much Power Does a 6kW Solar Energy System Produce?

A good quality 6kW system will produce around 26 units per day, which is as much energy as you need to run a medium to large 4 bedroom home with an electric hot water system and multiple heating and cooling units. The output may vary, however, depending on your location and the positioning of the panels on your roof.  Obviously the sunnier your location, the more energy will be produced.

As the solar energy produced may be too much at certain times of the day/ months of the year and not enough at other times, adding a battery will allow you to save excess energy to use later on.

If you have a large roof and want to install a 6kW solar energy system or higher, but don’t have the need for that much energy, then you may be able to sell off your excess energy back to the power grid. This can help offset some of the setup costs as well as reducing your power bills in the long run. Get in touch to find out if this is an option in your area.

How Much Should I Pay For A 6kW Solar System?

In Australia, the average 6kW solar system will cost between $5,000-$10,000 depending on various factors and government rebates. However, Trione Energy currently offers a top quality 6kW solar system for $4,890 which may also be eligible for a rebate of $2225, making this a very affordable system. The offer is limited, so get in touch today to find out if you qualify for this low price.

If you need a system of this size, then you’re likely to make your money back on the initial outlay within around 2.5 to 5 years, so just look at the fixed costs like a longer-term investment (as well as doing something good for the planet).

Can I Use 6.6kW of Solar Panels with a 5kW Inverter?

The short answer is yes, you can. If you want to oversize your solar panels and use a smaller inverter, this can be done and may, in fact, be a good idea in your particular scenario. The amount of STC’s you can claim back from the government, however, may be effected so talk to us about the how to maximise your claimable STC’s whilst also getting the best solar system for your property.

If you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective solution to slashing your power bills and increasing the value of your home, then take the next step and find out which solar power system is right for you.

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