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Solar Panels Yarra Glen

Solar Panel Installation Yarra Glen

Get clean, renewable, noiseless and affordable electricity in your Yarra Glen home. It’s about time to go solar. Solar Panel systems are less expensive than you may think.

In the last few years, there has been a reduction in the cost of solar panels in Australia. A lot of Australian homeowners now realize the value of using solar power systems in their home. No wonder Australia is among the top 10 adopters of solar power in the world!

On the other hand, electricity bills are on the increase. So, the best thing to do to save energy costs is to install a solar panel system in your home.

We offer you installation of solar systems at low-cost, inexpensive prices with a long-time guarantee. You will also gain incentives from the government for using solar power. We’ll handle everything for you, and in no time, you’ll have your solar system up and running.

Tailor-made Solar Power Solutions

Before we install your new solar system, we’ll evaluate the energy needs of your home, attend to all your enquiries and tell you how much you stand to save by installing a solar power system in your home.

The specifications of your home do not matter. We can design a solar power system that will fit the shape of your roof, the size of your roof, the direction of the sun, shading and other factors. The solar power system we design will suit your lifestyle and serve you for decades.

Solar Panel Installation

We have experienced and professional solar panel installers. We’ll install the solar panels, bi-directional meter and other things that need to be installed.

Complete Project Management

Our experts will work with you every step of the way from the first meeting to the completion of the project. You will be kept informed of any change and modification. After installation, we have competent service and repair team that will ensure that your solar system performs optimally for decades.

Great payment plans

Our payment plans are inexpensive and flexible. We offer competitive rates which are one of the best in the market. We also have various solar offers. Our payment plans will ensure that you get the best solar system installation at the most affordable prices possible.


The following are the questions that are asked the most:

  • How much does the installation of a solar power system cost?
  • What is your installation process?
  • How do you connect a solar system to the electric grid?
  • What are the different types of solar systems available?
  • Which solar system is best for my home?
  • What can be done if something goes wrong with my solar power system?
  • What is the feed-in-tariff?
  • Can the solar power system work at night?
  • How can a solar power system be maintained?

You can contact us now, and we will gladly answer all enquiries that you may have.


What you stand to gain from using our services

  • Fast reply to enquiries and quick provision of quotes
  • Quality products available
  • Accredited and trusted installers
  • Fast installation at affordable prices
  • Years of experience in solar power installation


We are an independently owned Australian solar power installation service with CEC accreditation. We focus on delivering quality solar power products to Australians. We serve various Australian cities.

We’ll help you select the right solar panels for your home according to the size of your home and your needs. We’ll evaluate your electrical needs, the elevation and size of your roof, trees around your home, the average temperature of your environment and other factors. We’ll design a solar power system that will minimize losses and maximize energy yield. We’ll give you an estimate of how much your solar system of choice will affect your electrical bills. We’ll also tell you about government incentives, and how you can benefit from them with your solar power installation.

We use quality components for all our installation. We are a tested and trusted brand with excellent reviews. Our installation is done as fast as possible so that you can start using your solar power system early and get more energy savings.

We offer a long-time warranty for our products.

You can contact any of our customer representative for inquiries and quotes.