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Melbourne Ranked Top 5 In World For Rooftop Solar Panel Adoption

A new study has found that Melbourne is the fifth most rooftop solar-panel friendly city worldwide.

The study, conducted by the National University of Singapore, examined how many of each city’s rooftops had solar panels. The results put Melbourne ahead of cities like London and New York City.

Results at a glance

Melbourne was ranked fifth out of 17 cities for rooftop solar adoption, scoring 74 points out of 100.

City Score
1. Las Vegas 86 Points
2. Zurich 81 Points
3. Singapore 75 Points
4. Phoenix 75 Points
5. Melbourne 74 Points

Why Did Melbourne Score So High?

Solar power is an excellent option for Melbourne residents because of the city’s high electricity prices and ample sunlight. So if you’re looking to save money on your energy bill, solar power is worth considering.

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular as people become more aware of the benefits: it’s renewable, efficient and saves homeowners money on energy bills.

As a local business, we’ve been helping Melbourne residents make the most of rooftop solar since 2009. Trione Energy is proud to see Melbourne ranking so high compared to some of the biggest cities in the world, beating the likes of New York, Paris and Los Angeles.

And it’s not only Melbourne homeowners leading the way when it comes to adopting solar power. The government and businesses are also investing heavily in solar energy to reduce their carbon footprints:

This focus on renewable energy and rooftop solar is also evident in the efforts of some of the world’s largest commercial entities and manufacturers operating in Melbourne.

Recently Mazda installed a 900kw rooftop solar system on their National Parts Distribution Centre in Epping, Victoria, reaching 100% carbon neutrality.

Solar panels can help save money on electricity bills – and they look great on your roof!

Australia is setting records for rooftop solar panel installation numbers, and Melbourne is leading the way.

The 4 top suburbs for rooftop solar installation in Australia are in Melbourne: around 2,500 solar installations were completed in Craigieburn, Donnybrook, Mickleham, and Roxburgh Park in 2020 alone.

Across the country, around 25% of Australian rooftops now have solar panels installed.

Now that’s impressive!

In 2020, a total of three gigawatts (GW) of rooftop solar PV capacity was installed in the country, up 40 per cent from the previous year.

And 2021 has seen solar installations continue to increase. This increase in GW capacity is due to increased average system size, with the typical system now around 8 to 8.5 kilowatts.

Why this increase in demand?

Factors such as COVID-19, sustained low technology expenses, increased work-from-home arrangements, and the SRES helped support the surge in the adoption of rooftop solar PV systems.

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Is solar power still a good investment in Melbourne?

The answer is a resounding yes! According to this new data, Melbourne ranks as one of the top five cities in the world for rooftop solar panels.

Solar power is still a wise investment in Melbourne, especially given the city’s clear skies and ample sunshine.

Solar panels installed on your roof can help you significantly reduce your energy costs and provide free energy over the long term.

In addition, solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that helps to protect the environment.

By using solar power, you make a positive contribution to the issue of climate change.

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