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Top Victorian Suburbs For Solar Installation

Solar Power is Taking Over Victoria’s Suburbs

It’s no secret that solar energy has been gaining traction in recent years. Everyone seems to be getting on board with the green revolution, and that includes the top 10 suburbs in Melbourne, according to Solar Victoria. From Tarneit to Rowville, these communities are leading the charge in solar power installations.

Ready to join your neighbours in saving the planet and reducing your electricity bills? Here’s a list of those top 10 suburbs that have already started on their solar journey.

No matter what type of system installation or unique requirements are involved in powering up your house, our expert advice will give you a better understanding of these two outstanding products so that you feel confident in choosing an option that complies with Australian standards while meeting your specific needs.


Going Green with Trione Energy: Investing in a Sustainable Future Today!

An impressive 40% of properties in Tarneit and Truganina have taken advantage of solar panels through Trione Energy or other providers thanks to the Solar Homes Program.

Furthermore, a Customer Survey from Solar Victoria reveals that 71% of residents invested in solar due to the solar rebate, which rolled out in 2018.

Latest data has revealed that customers are opting for bigger systems nowadays – the mean set-up size in the past two months is around 7kW, an increase from 5.7kW when the program first began.

Growing Demand for Solar Battery Storage

The recent energy crisis has caused widespread interest in solar battery energy storage systems. Even households that hadn’t previously applied for the Solar Homes rebate can now access residential battery energy storage incentives.

As the world transitions towards renewable energy, Australia is leading the pack with an increased demand for solar batteries in the upcoming year. Victoria, in particular, is poised to make significant strides in green energy with a surge in solar battery installations.

With the local government’s recent push to incentivize the adoption of sustainable energy, many households and businesses are jumping on the solar battery bandwagon. It’s refreshing to see such enthusiasm among Victorians to embrace change and work towards a better, more sustainable future.

Australia has an abundance of sunshine, so it’s only fitting that we harness this energy in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible.

As we navigate 2023, one thing is crystal clear – the demand for solar power installations in Victoria is on the rise! And when it comes to the top 10 suburbs leading the charge, you’ve got:

All in the top five, closely followed by:

A vast majority of residents are (quite literally) starting to see the light in these suburbs.

And who can blame them? With the promise of reduced energy bills, a cleaner environment, and some serious bragging rights, it’s no wonder that solar energy is the talk of the town.

So whether you’re a seasoned eco-warrior or a curious newbie, one thing’s for sure – it’s time to jump on the solar bandwagon. After all, who doesn’t want to be part of the sunny side of life?

How Trione Energy is Supporting the Solar Surge

No matter what suburb you live in, Trione Energy is proud to be part of this massive uptake in solar energy throughout Victoria’s suburbs!

We can provide tailored advice and installation services that help you make the most of your investment in solar by ensuring you get a system that meets all your needs — whether for residential or commercial use.

Ready To Do your Part?

So if you want to join your neighbours around Melbourne in powering their homes with renewable energy sources like solar power, then now is a great time!

With accredited and experienced installers like Trione Energy, there’s never been a better opportunity than now to start making positive changes towards a greener future!

Don’t forget that Trione Energy services all the Top 10 solar locations mentioned earlier – so contact us today if you’re thinking about making the switch to solar!