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Fronius is a world leader in solar energy products and solutions. This Austrian company delivers innovative solar products and is committed to developing Zero-Energy homes. The company produces a range of solar inverters for residential and commercial solar applications. Benefit from 100% renewable energy at home.

Fronius produce a range of solar inverters suitable for Australian homes and small business applications. Manage our own energy supply, save money, and preserve the environment!

Fronius PRIMO

Rated from 3.0 to 8.2 kW, the Fronius PRIMO inverter is a single-phase device, ideal for residential solar energy systems. It has a flexible design, is easy and fast to install, and needs minimal maintenance.

The PRIMO comes with WLAN and energy management features, so you have complete control over system performance and exporting energy to the grid.

Fronius SYMO

Rated from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, the Fronius SYMO inverter is a three-phase device, ideal for any size of residential solar energy system. It features a flexible-extendable design, high system voltage, wide range of input voltage, and two MPP trackers for maximum flexibility.

The SYMO comes with WLAN or Ethernet communications, and easy integration with third-party components. The Fronius SYMO inverter offers one of the highest-level communication packages in the industry.

  • Premium inverter for residential PV
  • SnapINverter technology – making installation and maintenance simple
  • Simple monitoring system, see how much energy your system produces
  • Efficient MPPT algorithm to maximise inverter efficiency
  • Smart grid ready
  • Advanced communication system between inverter ,user and the PV panels via WLAN


Standard 5 year product warranty, plus additional 5 years when you register inverter in Fronius Solar.web

Fronius Primo

Fronius Symo

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