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Which Solar Panels Are the Best?

Are you thinking about installing a solar power system? Before you get quotes for a solar power installation, learn about the most important element in a solar power system: the solar panels. The panels we talk about here are photovoltaic solar panels (solar PV panels or solar electricity modules) which generate solar electricity. These are … Read more

5kw Solar Panel System

A 5kW solar system is sufficient for an average Australian home. If a 5kW solar system is not enough for your energy needs, then something is wrong somewhere, and you should seriously consider having an energy audit done on your home. If you want to get a solar system, a 5kW system is what you … Read more

6kW Solar Systems
The Most Popular in Australia

Australian homeowners and business owners install various sizes of solar energy systems. But 6kW solar systems have been the go-to choice for domestic solar installations in the solar industry in recent years. There are also 6.5kW and 6.6kW solar systems installed in many homes. This type of solar system is the most common choice for … Read more

Solar Panels Prices
How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Solar energy system prices vary. Various factors influence how much solar panels cost. For example, your roof space, the type of system installation, and state incentives you’re eligible to receive. The most important factor is the system size. This is measured by the kilowatt (kW) capacity of the solar panel array. The greater capacity you … Read more

What Size Solar System Do I Need

Do I Need a 5kW or 6kW Solar System? As solar power systems are continually improving, the systems that were around 20 or so years ago are significantly different to the ones that are available now. Not only do they look sleeker and more streamlined, they are lighter, cheaper to produce and their performance has … Read more