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At Trione Energy, it’s our standard practice to deliver top tier solar energy systems with the highest quality installation and long-term service support. As our customer, you get:

You get a custom solar system designed for your home using industry-leading design tools and expertise to maximize sunlight and energy production.

You get top-tier solar panels, batteries, and inverters at competitive pricing. We only use products that meet our stringent quality benchmarks.

You get simple, hassle-free installation from our expert team who handle the entire process for you – efficiently and professionally.

You get our guarantee that if you aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right. You can be assured we stand behind our workmanship.

You get our support team available to assist if any issues arise with your system. We want your solar investment running smoothly for years to come.

You get peace of mind with manufacturer warranties up to 25 years and our 10-year workmanship guarantee. If anything goes wrong, we’re here to help get it fixed.

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Simply put, our custom-designed systems, high-quality equipment, and exceptional service offer homeowners the complete solar solution.

We tailor each system to maximise energy production for your unique home. Top-tier panels and components ensure reliable performance for decades. Our experienced team handles the whole process seamlessly so you can enjoy the benefits of solar with zero hassle.

Yes, we offer flexible financing solutions, including $0 down solar loans.
Our finance options allows you to make affordable monthly payments over 4 years at a competitive interest rate.

This allows you to start benefiting from lower electricity bills while paying 0% upfront.

Contact our solar experts to learn more.

Great question! As a Solar Victoria authorised retailer, Trione Energy can guide you through the entire process.

First, you’ll want to check your eligibility. The rebate and loan are available for owner-occupied properties in Victoria valued under $3 million. Your annual household income also needs to be under $180,000.

Next, submit a joint online application for the rebate and loan through the Solar Victoria portal. Trione will be automatically notified and can assist if needed. If approved, Solar Victoria will pay the rebate and loan amounts directly to Trione Energy once your system is installed and operational. This covers most upfront costs.

You’ll then make affordable monthly repayments on the interest-free loan over 4 years to pay off the remainder. Trione will set up direct debit for easy payments.

Solar Victoria handles all the financial details – you just provide your information when applying. There’s no credit checks or collateral required.

That’s the gist of it! With Trione guiding you, the rebate and loan make going solar a breeze. Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re happy to help you go solar the smart way! 

Getting Solar Victoria’s 4-year interest-free battery loan is pretty easy!

First, double check your home and household meet the eligibility criteria – owner-occupied property valued under $3 mil, existing solar over 5kW, household income under $180k. Next, get quotes from our authorised retailers for a battery at least 6kWh – we can install quality Tesla or Alpha ESS batteries.

When you’ve picked the right battery, the retailer submits the quote and you complete an initial eligibility check online with Solar Victoria.

If approved, you’ll fill out a full application with income documents so Solar Victoria can do final assessment.Once fully approved, we’ll install your battery and scan the QR code to confirm completion. You pay us your portion of the upfront cost, and the interest-free loan covers the rest directly, up to $8,800.

Loan repayments start being directly debited each month, 30 days after installation approval. There’s no interest charged!

Let us know if you’ve got any other questions about getting Solar Victoria’s battery loan. Our team is happy to help explain the process.

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